Customer Specific Discount

for Magento 2

Customer specific discount extension from ZealousWeb helps to create shopping cart price rules based on specific customers. Admin can create discount codes for the specific customer.

  • Enable/Disable extension from the backend.
  • Option to create cart rules customers specific.
  • Option to exclude particular customers from the discount rule.
  • The discounts can be applied to the products in the form of coupons.
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Details and Compatibility

Type Magento
PHP Versions PHP 7.x
Version Support Magento 2.3.x, Magento 2.4.x
Server Requirements SSL 1.2, PHP 7.0 or higher
Possible Applications/Usage PHP
Publish Date March 28, 2022
Last Updated April 02, 2024

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As a store owner, you may find it challenging to rank your eCommerce store in the top position. To successfully achieve this objective, you should implement the best ways to promote your store and offer discounts to the customers. 

The best part is that Magento allows you to do so. It helps you create discount codes based on the website or customer group. But what if you wish to make a discount code for a particular customer or exclude any specific one? 

 If you are dealing with such an issue, then ZealousWeb has come up with an effective solution for you in the form of a Magento 2 Customer Specific Discount extension. This extension is designed in a manner so that it helps to address this particular problem effectively. It again allows the store owners to quickly generate the discount code by excluding or including the customers. 

 Admin can also generate discount codes for any particular customer. Not only that, but with the help of this Magento 2 Customer Specific Discount extension, you would be able to create shopping cart price rules based on specific customers. Depending on the selected user group, this extension will also load your registered customers on shopping cart rules. 

It ultimately provides you the opportunity to select customers. You will get two options for the chosen customers. Depending on your preference and unique requirements, you can either include those customers in the rule or exclude those. If you fail to select any particular option at this stage, then all the customers from the chosen group will be able to use the code. 

 With the help of this Magento 2 Customer Specific Discount extension, the admin can easily offer a special discount to special customers. Also, they can exclude the customer for the particular rules. Thus, revoking discounts has become incredibly easy by employing this extension, launched by ZealousWeb. 

 Some of the key points that provide an extra edge to this extension include that it is easy to install or manage, allows or restricts chosen customers, achieves customer loyalty, and supports multi-store. So, why wait when you can get all of these exceptional benefits by installing this Magento 2 Customer Specific Discount extension to your store.


As a store owner, to run your online store on top, it is very important to promote your store and offer discounts to the customer. Magento allows you to create discount codes based on the website/customer group. But what if you want to create a discount code for a specific customer ? or just exclude any specific customer ?


Zealousweb comes with the extension “Customer specific discount” for Magento 2 which allow store owner to create the discount code by including or excluding the customers.

Easy to Install/Manage

Admin can easily install the extension and no additional code is required to manage this extension.

Restrict/allow Selected Customers

Only selected customers can use the coupon code or admin can choose those customers to exclude from the rule.

Gain Customer Loyalty

By offering the discount code to the customer, you can gain loyalty and interest to purchase more in future.

Support Multi Store

The extension is fully compatible with multi store/website. So the admin can enable/disable for any store/website any time.

How this Extension Works

  • The extension extends the default cart price rules configuration. So after installing the extension, edit the cart price rule, the store owner should go to MARKETING ⟶ Promotions ⟶ Cart Price Rules.
  • From here, the store owner can either Add New Rule or Edit the rules that have been created before. Please note that during the initial setup this grid may be empty.
  • Our extension adds the special Customers tab.
  • This tab shows the customers grid based on selected customer groups with the default possibility to sort out the values and reset the filters. The customer grid supports the multi select possibility to choose several customers simultaneously. Once the customer(-s) are selected and the configuration is saved, the cart price rule will be triggered only for the targeted shopper(-s).
  • Note: if no customers and no option from include/Exclude are selected, the cart price rule will work for anyone who matches the other conditions.
  • Also if customers are selected but no option is selected from the include/Exclude customers then this rule will also work for all other customers who match the rule conditions.
  • After saving this rule you could apply this coupon code based on the cart price rule. You can apply this on the cart page and checkout page.

Technical Features

  • Admin will be able to include/exclude selected customers from the cart price rule
  • Customers will be displayed based on selected customer group on cart price rule  

Will this extension work for catalog price rules?

No. This extension will work for cart price rules only.

Will this extension allow you to apply multiple coupon codes?


Can I configure free shipping to specific customers with this extension?

Yes you can create a rule for free shipping and add customers to that rule.

Are you looking to add specific functionality for this extension ?

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version 1.0.3

Last Update: June 14, 2022

  • Compatable with Magento 2.4.4

version 1.0.2

Last Update: May 19, 2022

  • Bug fixing
  • Fix issue of export auto generated coupons

version 1.0.0

Last Update: May 19, 2022

Initial Version

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