Website Maintenance Packages

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  • Basic Basic

    Billed quarterly

  • Professional Professional

    Billed quarterly

  • Advanced Advanced

    Billed quarterly

  1. Basic Basic

    Billed quarterly

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    • Adding and Updating New Content
    • Changes in Address Or Contact Information
    • Browser Compatibility Testing
    • Domain & Hosting Assistance
  2. Advanced Advanced

    Billed quarterly

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    Everything in Professional+
    • Database Clean up
    • Website Health Check




Billed Quarterly $600.00 $1,200.00 $1,800.00
Billed Monthly $200.00 $400.00 $600.00
No. Of Hours Support
Value 10 20 30
No Of Pages
Value Upto 30 Upto 60 Up to 100
Installation & Upgradation
Scan Website For Malicious Issues yes yes yes
Install Security Patches yes yes yes
CMS/Theme Upgrade yes yes yes
Plugin Upgrade yes yes yes
Adding and Updating New Content yes yes yes
Website Updates (Text, Photos, Pages, Navigation, Videos, Links) yes yes yes
Changes in Address Or Contact Information yes yes yes
Browser Compatibility Testing yes yes yes
Domain & Hosting Assistance yes yes yes
Broken Link Check & Fix - yes yes
Image Optimization - yes yes
Multiple Websites - 3 6
Database Clean up - - yes
Website Health Check - - yes
Turn Around Time 2-4 Days 1-2 Days 24 Hours
Support Via Email Email + Chat Email + Chat + Phone
Monthly Activity Report (Task, Bugs & Fixes, Version Updates) yes yes yes
Website & Database Backup - yes yes
Growth Suggestion - yes yes

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ZWT clients Zealousweb Clients
Michael Barrack - CFO
Accume Partners

ZealousWeb and Accume Partners have had a long relationship. We've been associated with each other for multiple successful cycles of website development and maintenance, and we're very proud of the fruitful association. The best part about working with ZealousWeb is their approach towards a problem - very strategic, well-planned, and properly executed. They are very particular about maintenance & update checks and never miss any cycle. Such promptness keeps our team at ease and keeps us away from worrying about security breaches or working with an older version of the website because Team ZealousWeb is always on top of things.

Michael Barrack
Chief Executive Officer
Heather Brannon, Owner, Stretch To Go
Stretch To Go

My vision for a tech partner was to help me maintain & upgrade my website and suggest improvements to grow the lead conversion ratio. This was promptly taken care of when I purchased the professional package from ZealousWeb that looked at website maintenance, upgrading, and growth - allowing me to focus on my key results areas.

With ZealousWeb working on the website, I can be assured of minimum downtime, prompt upgrades, and rational suggestions for website improvement that can foster faster lead conversion.

Heather Brannon
Owner, Stretch To Go
Owner Bavo Jewelery
Bawo jewelry

I think the best part about working with ZealousWeb is the team's willingness to go to the world's end to find a solution to a problem. True to their tagline - they attempt to solve the unsolved, and I am a testimony to the effort. I bought professional website maintenance from ZealousWeb for my Shopify store. They stood true to all their offerings, but what impressed me the most was their growth consultation. It takes effort & a lot of mental investment to understand a business and then propose a growth plan. ZealousWeb's team did a fantastic job at understanding my sales patterns and interspersed it with user behavior to present a plan that multiplied my revenue XX times.

Liz Yokus
Owner, Bawo jewelry

Frequently Asked Questions

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What benefits does website maintenance provide?

Website maintenance upgrades the basic elements of the website, like site security, contents, images, codes etc. It reduces the loading time and enhances the appearance of the site. Regular maintenance excites the search engine crawlers to frequently check your website, thereby facilitating search engine indexing and improving ranking, leading to increase in visitors and higher sales.

How frequently should the website be modified?

Websites should be maintained constantly to fix bugs, security issues, improve content quality, insert relevant keywords, adapt to changing search engine algorithms, maintain quality, keep website visitors updated about your latest achievements, services, products and keep them engaged. Few task will be done only one time in a month.

Which CMS/platforms do you service while maintaining a website?

We service almost all major CMS & platforms. WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, Drupal, .Net, php, Magento, Open cart, and Custom CMS etc.

How much time is required to complete the website maintenance process?

Website maintenance is a continuous activity. However, it depends on the type and size of the website, whether it is a native coded website or a CMS based website, the number of changes that you have requested etc. To be more specific, the man hours needs to be confirmed after freezing the client requirement.

Will my data be secure with coreiweb?

Client’s data security and privacy has always been top most priority. Only the Project Manager has access to the website credentials of the client and an advice to clients is to change the same once their association with us is terminated.

Will the non working hours in a month be carried to the next month?

Our packages are on a monthly recurring basis, the number of unused hours will be carried forward to the next month with certain package plan only.

What if a website needs changes in basic programming?

We also provide that facility. Our team has experienced web developers capable of coding in multiple programming languages. Each developer has his expertise in a particular language. Any additional job outside the service package will be billed as per actuals.

Does maintaining a website lead to search engine ranks?

Timely and relevant web maintenance helps in improving the ranking in the SERP. New content, clean website, properly indexed pages, appropriate links, relevant metadata attract search engine crawlers to visit your website and by that, your search engine ranking improves.