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Zeal FormFactory By ZealousWeb can be called the best application that one can use for creating custom forms with ease. It works effectively to save much of your time by allowing you to create any custom forms with a wide diversity of intuitive functionalities. 

  • You can create multiple forms for your store with ease.
  • The app provides form templates to choose from or customize the form as per the requirements to save your time.
  • The drag and drop feature allows you to simply add all the required form elements in a hassle-free manner.
  • Option to create unlimited forms at an affordable price.
  • Hasslefree to use and does not conflict with other Shopify apps.
  • Introduce Export PDF Option for each Form.
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Item Code sapp-form-builder
Type Shopify App
Publish Date June 16, 2022
Last Updated August 25, 2023

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Zeal FormFactory By ZealousWeb can be called the best application that one can use for creating custom forms with ease. It works effectively to save much of your time by allowing you to create any custom forms with a wide diversity of intuitive functionalities. 

This form lets you do certain things like redirecting URL, enabling Google-captcha, submitting button text, adding form name, displaying success message, etc. You will also get to see a file upload option, custom fields, form submit event listeners, and an option to send mail to both the admin and users there. 

The admin can effortlessly manage everything from the backend. This Shopify form builder again comes with a drag and drop interface, which can be incredibly helpful for your requirements. With its help, you can easily add your labels and create a form in just a few clicks. 

The best part about this Shopify form builder extension is that it is perfectly optimized for all devices. All the forms are designed professionally, allowing you to build professional and many different types of easy-to-use formats. 

Additionally, we added the option to Export PDF to each form, so after submitting, you will receive a PDF in your email including the information from every field filled in.

You can use these particular forms to collect information from the users according to your unique requirements. So, by utilizing the ZWT’s Zeal FormFactory or Shopify form builder extension, you can easily create an indefinite number of forms. Either you can select from the form templates or begin everything from scratch for the creation of:

  • Age Verification Form
  • Popup Form
  • Sticky Form
  • Customer Profile Update
  • Contact Us Form
  • Registration Form
  • Custom Form

Age Verification Form – By using the pre-designed age verification form of ZWT, you do not have to be concerned about validation. You can effortlessly set this up on the specific pages you need. 

Pop-up Form - You can easily create an appealing pop-up form by tailoring it with all the details you want to put forward. You even get the option to select all the colors by yourself.

Sticky Form – It allows the users to create a sticky form and place it on the site. Again, it lets users fill in the form from anywhere on the website page with a bespoke pop-up title. 

Customer Profile Update – You can let the customers update their profile, primarily via. a pre-designed form. Or else, you can tailor it in the way you want to offer your users a straightforward and clean Profile Update form. 

Contact Us Form – For effortlessly setting up the form on your site, you can focus on designing your contact form, or else you can utilize the contact form template. Unlike the default Shopify contact form, you do not require any coding efforts to set up this form.

Registration Form – You would again be able to register your website users by creating a registration form. Also, by incorporating or removing the fields, you can effortlessly design your registration form according to your requirement. 

Custom Form - This application can create your kind of custom form. In this regard, you can tailor the form per your requirement by incorporating any fields from the field panel and utilizing a simple drag and drop feature. 

You are getting the option to create unlimited forms at cost-effective pricing in this case, which makes this extension a worthy option to choose. Finally, this Shopify form builder extension is hassle-free and does not conflict with other Shopify applications. So, why wait when you can get these benefits by installing this extension in your store.

  • The app supports all the major required form fields such as text fields, checkboxes, radios, dropdowns, dates, colors, and files (file upload).
  • Option to add custom CSS to the forms.
  • The app is responsive and Mobile-friendly.
  • On the form submission, the data can be collected and shared in JavaScript format to use with any third-party apps. To implement this feature we provide the submit event listener technique which you can find in the admin area under our app forms. To understand and perform this task you may require our paid support plan or any Shopify experts.
  • Allows performing custom SMTP settings to send an email.
  • Submissions can be validated using reCAPTCHA
  • The admin receives email alerts when a user submits the form.
  • With the flexible positioning, you can place the forms anywhere on the website using our shortcode.
  • All the form entry data is stored on the admin side to review or export anytime.
  • Introduce Export PDF Option for each Form

Does the app support multiple languages?

No, it does not support multiple languages.

Does the app support implementing any third-party integration?

Yes it supports implementing third-party apps through activation of some settings that can be done by Shopify experts or with the help of our support team.

Can we create multiple forms for a single store?

Yes you can create multiple forms and use a single form multiple times depending on the subscription plan you are using.

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version 1.0

Last Update: February 06, 2023

  • Initial Release

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