Advanced Reporting & Analytics

for Magento 2

Magento 2 Advanced Reporting extension provides 25+ new reports to the native Magento 2 functionality, which helps admin analyse sales, customer and product data effortlessly. ZealousWeb launched this extension with three attractive dashboards, i.e. sales, customer and product. Each section has its related reports and takes your store analytics to the next level.

  • Track all your sales, customer and product data
  • Informative sales, customer and product dashboards
  • 25+ ready to use reports
  • You can create custom rule-based reports
  • You can schedule email notification for any report
  • Support analysis for multiple websites
  • Sales comparison for different date ranges
  • Display data based on a specific period (Day, Month, Year)
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Details and Compatibility

Type Magento
PHP Versions PHP 7.x, PHP 8.x
Version Support Magento 2.3.x, Magento 2.4.x
Server Requirements PHP 7.0 or higher
Possible Applications/Usage PHP
Publish Date March 28, 2022
Last Updated April 02, 2024

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What's Not Included


Magento 2 Advanced Reporting extension is a user-friendly and exceptionally flexible analytics suite. It aids in improving upon default Magento reports in almost every way possible.

This extension again offers 25+ new reports to the native Magento 2 functionality. With its help, the admin can quickly check data related to products, customers, and sales. ZealousWeb launched this Magento 2 extension with three appealing dashboards. It includes the product, customer, and sales.

Every section of the Magento 2 Advanced Reporting extension tends to have its related reports. It will help to take the analytics of your eCommerce store to the next level.

By installing the Magento 2 Advanced Reporting extension, you, as a store owner, would be able to track, process, and manage your business in a much better way with the help of Magento 2 Custom Reports.

Statistical data gathered from customers, sales, orders, and products are sorted out promptly. It eventually offers great help to the store owners to run their business in a much better way. This plugin will also help you so that you can easily make complicated business and marketing decisions.

The best part about this extension is that it lets you generate Magento 2 Custom Reports as many as you wish, depending on the Magento conditions. Again, this extension will allow you to schedule the email notifications for any custom reports or built-in reports. Admins can also select the notification timing along with the data period.

By employing this particular Magento 2 extension, you can know exactly which of the products has a chance to sell better and who is involved in purchasing these. Especially, Advanced Reports for Magento 2 has made this thing possible.

It provides valuable insights on sales trends and dependencies to make data-driven strategic business decisions and boost your sales revenue. You can even use ready-made eCommerce reports or generate custom reports that effectively match your unique business requirements.

So, now is the perfect opportunity for you to install Magento 2 Advanced Reporting & Analytics extension to your store and see your eCommerce business reach greater heights.


As a store owner, if you want to run the online store successfully, It is very important to analyze your store revenue, statistics, trending products etc. Magento default reports only allow you the basic reports of your store. But what if you want to generate the next level reports and track your daily/month sales and customize the reports?


Magento 2 Advanced Reporting & Analytics provides you the three Informative dashboards of sales, customer and product where you can review your store statistics and required enhanced reports for your store. This extension is fully compatible with multi store so you can check your data for the particular store as well.

Ready To Use Reports

  • Revenue Overview
  • Revenue By Hour
  • Revenue By Day of week
  • Revenue By Country
  • Revenue By State
  • Revenue By Payment Type
  • Revenue By Coupon
  • Revenue By Cart Price Rules
  • Revenue By Category
  • Revenue By Gender
  • Revenue By Attribute
  • Revenue By Attribute Set
  • Customerwise Revenue
  • Revenue By Customer Group
  • Abandoned Carts
  • Customer Wishlist
  • New Vs Returning Customers
  • Conversion Rate(Visitor/Order Placed)
  • Product Overview
  • No-Sell Products
  • Low Stock Products
  • Abandoned Products
  • Conversion Funnel
  • Product Revenue With And W/o Discount

Sales Dashboard

This dashboard will display sales related statistics and reports of sales. Sales dashboard include the overview reports by country, state, discount coupon etc. Apart from that, the sales dashboard displays the average revenue by customer and orders. The Reporting period can be changed to day/month/year.

Advanced Reporting & Analytics for Magento  2 - sales dashboard
Advanced Reporting & Analytics for Magento 2- Customer dasboard

Customer Dashboard

Customer dashboard will display the statistics of the customers like new customers, returning customers, conversion rates etc. Customer dashboard will have the list of top five revenue generating customers. Apart from this, the customer dashboard will display the reports of products, promotion and hours of purchase.

Product Dashboard

Same as the other two dashboards, the product dashboard will have the product statistics and the product related reports like revenue with/without discount, abandonment products, best selling products etc.
Advanced Reporting & Analytics for Magento 2- product dashbaord
Advanced Reporting & Analytics for Magento 2 - Analysis

Geographic Reports

This extension will include the Geographic reports of the revenue by country. The map is flexible, so you can mouse over to any country and find out the revenue and orders from that country. You can also zoom in and out the map to see the clear vision.

Compare your sales

This module allows you to compare the sales for two different ranges. Store owners can select the date range for each report and can view the report day/month/year wise. You will have the store switcher in the comparison section and you can compare sales for any of your stores.
Advanced Reporting & Analytics for Magento 2- sales comparison
Advanced Reporting & Analytics for Magento 2 - New report

Create your own custom reports

This section is like cherry on cake. Apart from 25+ built in reports, you can create N number of customer reports as per you need. You will have the options to combine different conditions and generate reports. Basically it will work as the Magento conditions serialized section.

Schedule email notification to keep up to date

Advanced reporting & analytic extension allows store owners to schedule the email notifications for any reports. Admin can choose a store here if there is a multi store website. Also admin can define the report time interval and multiple receivers as well. To schedule this notification, the admin can use the predefined times or can add his own cron expression.
Advanced Reporting & Analytics for Magento 2 - Configuration


  • Admin will have ability to enable/disable report section in admin area
  • Allow to set notification email sender name and email address
  • Allow to add multiple email addresses as a receiver of notification email
  • You can design and choose email template for the notification emails
  • Provide selection of attributes which will be used in attribute related reports
  • You can define the order status which will be used in calculation of revenue.


  • Three Informative built in dashboards
  • Sales Dashboard

    • Will have the sales statistics of lifetime overview, Timespan overview and Today’s report
      • Lifetime overview - Will display all the data from the start
      • Timespan overview - Will display the data between selected data range
      • Today - Will display the the data for the current day
    • Will display revenue overview, revenue by country, sales and coupon
    • Show average revenue by customer and order
    • Sales dashboard also have graph for revenue by discount or non-discounted items
    • Display revenue based on gender
    • Availability to select price range and generate revenue reports.
  • Customer Dashboard

    • Will have the customer statistics of lifetime overview, Timespan overview and Today’s report
      • Lifetime overview - Will display all the data from the start
      • Timespan overview - Will display the data between selected data range
      • Today - will display the the data for the current day
    • Will display top five highest revenue generator in graphical view
    • Displays graph of customer vs orders, vs promotion period and vs number of hour purchase.
    • Will have the total new and returning, total visitor vs order chart within the selected range.
    • You can also analyze the number of customers based on products, category.
    • Also have the graph for gender based audience.
  • Product Dashboard

    • Will have the product statistics of lifetime overview, Timespan overview and Today’s report
      • Lifetime overview - Will display all the data from the start
      • Timespan overview - Will display the data between selected data range
      • Today - will display the the data for the current day
    • Analyze product sell quantity with and without discount
    • Display revenue based on categories
    • Identify which products are added in the cart but not purchased yet.
    • You can Identify not sell product for specific period and promote them
    • Have the report of products vs revenue, vs orders, vs refunds
    • Have top ten best seller products by qty and revenue.


  • By default, all reports will display the last 30 days of data.
  • Option to choose custom range from the start of store to till date.
  • Option to choose per-defined ranges from the date range picker. Like This Month, Last Month, Last 7 Days, Yesterday. 
  • Option to change website for multi website admin
  • Will display the revenue/price in the selected website’s currencies.
  • Each report has the graphical view and tabular view of data for the selected range
  • You can filter result data in tabular view by all the available columns for each report.
  • Every date based report will have the option to change the display period to Day, Month or Year.

Custom Reports

  • Create N number of custom reports based on Magento condition serialized.
  • Provide list of all saved custom reports
  • Provide mass action to delete or update status for selected reports
  • You can export the report in CSV and XML format
  • Filter report based on name and status

Email Notifications

  • Create N number of email notifications for any reports
  • Provide list of all notifications what sorting and filtering options
  • Enable/Disable each notification
  • You can specify one report per email notification.
  • Create notification for custom created reports also.
  • You can define specific website or all website for email notification
  • You can define time interval in Days, Month or year
  • Define display period in Day, Month and Year for the applicable reports
  • You can define the multiple receive for each notification.
  • Each receiver will receive the reports in PDF format in email.
  • You can define notification email frequency by using cron syntax or by defined timing.

Can we install this extension using composer?

No. Once you order the extension, we will share the extension files.

Will it override the Default Magento dashboard?

No. This extension will create three separate dashboards.

Are you looking to add specific functionality for this extension ?

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version 1.0.7

Last Update: June 29, 2023

  • Magento 2.4.6 support
  • Updated dompdf library
  • The capability to export reports in CSV format across all reports.
  • Support of multiple website currencies
  • Fix cookie issue with domain & subdomain

version 1.0.6

Last Update: February 10, 2023

  • Magento 2.4.x support

version 1.0.2

Last Update: August 16, 2022

  • php 7.4 compatibility
  • Fix issue of default date while loading page
  • Fix x and y axis prices issue in all reports

version 1.0.1

Last Update: April 12, 2022

  • Bug fixes
  • Add sales comparison report

version 1.0.0

Last Update: March 28, 2022

  • Initial Release

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