Google Page Speed Optimizer

for Magento 2

Google Page Speed Optimizer for Magento 2 is an extension designed to enhance the performance and speed of Magento stores. It helps optimize various aspects of your Magento store to achieve faster page load times, better user experience, and higher search engine rankings.

  • Optimize experience for desktops & mobiles pages
  • Display images in the next-gen WebP format
  • Lazy loading of Javascript
  • Lazy loading of all images
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Details and Compatibility

Item Code Google Page Speed Optimizer
Type Magento
PHP Versions PHP 7.x, PHP 8.x
Version Support Magento 2.3.x, Magento 2.4.x
Server Requirements PHP 7.0 or higher
Possible Applications/Usage PHP
Publish Date October 04, 2023
Last Updated June 04, 2024

What's Included

Plugin zip file
1 Year subscription

What's Not Included


The Google PageSpeed Optimizer extension for Magento 2 is a powerful tool designed to enhance the performance and speed of Magento 2 stores. By implementing proven optimization techniques and best practices recommended by Google's PageSpeed Insights, this extension improves the overall user experience, boosts search engine rankings, and increases conversion rates.

By leveraging the Google PageSpeed Optimizer extension for Magento 2, you can significantly improve your online store's speed, responsiveness, and user experience. It increases customer satisfaction, improves search engine rankings, and boosts conversion rates, ultimately driving the success of your Magento 2-based e-commerce business.



The evaluation of search engine performance relies on numerous factors, with page speed being a critical aspect of successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In the case of Magento 2, the platform loads multiple JavaScript files, making it challenging to defer and resulting in increased script evaluation time. Optimizing page speed becomes crucial in maximizing SEO success within the Magento 2 ecosystem.


By utilizing the Magento 2 Google Page Speed Optimizer, store owners can manage the loading of JavaScript files, preventing the initial paint from being delayed, resulting in faster page loading times. With the extension's loading of JavaScript, script evaluation is significantly reduced, leading to an improved score in Google's Page Speed Insight. This powerful extension will elevate your website's performance and enhance the user experience.

Image lazy loading

With the image lazy load feature enabled, this extension prioritizes loading the primary image while other images are loaded based on user behavior. Add the necessary attribute to all images, optimizing the loading process. 

Additionally, you have the flexibility to exclude specific images from the lazy load process, allowing you to fine-tune the performance of your website performance. This powerful extension controls image loading and enhances the overall user experience.

Webp Image conversion

Converting images to the WebP format offers several benefits. WebP utilizes advanced compression techniques, resulting in smaller file sizes than JPEG and PNG. This reduction in file size leads to faster loading times, improved website performance, and reduced bandwidth consumption. 

WebP maintains high visual quality, ensuring images appear crisp and vibrant. Website owners can enhance user experience, boost page load, and optimize online presence.

Javascript Lazy load

JavaScript lazy loading provides several benefits for web pages. By delaying the loading of non-critical elements such as images, videos, and other resources, lazy loading helps reduce initial page load times and overall bandwidth usage. This results in faster page rendering and improved user experience, particularly for users with slower internet connections or accessing websites from mobile devices. Lazy loading also conserves device battery life. 

  • Configuration

    • JS lazy load
      • Option to load JS after page load
      • It will serve the JS file as per the user’s needs
    • Image lazy load
      • Option to turn lazy loading on/off
      • Option to upload custom loader
      • Option to exclude particular images
    • WebP image configuration
      • Option to turn WebP conversion on/off
      • Option to define quality level
      • Option to choose WebP encoding

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