Promotional Coupon Codes

for Magento 2

Discover the power of promotional coupon codes on your e-commerce website's cart page! Boost conversions and encourage customers to complete purchases by offering enticing incentives and discounts. With exclusivity and urgency created by coupon codes, customers will be motivated to take advantage of limited-time offers. Unlock the potential of promotional coupon codes for Magento 2, enabling you to showcase available discounts on the cart and checkout pages.

  • Show available coupon codes in the cart and checkout page
  • Option to apply coupon code from the list
  • Hide expired coupon codes for a clutter-free experience
  • Customizable visibility of coupons for guest users
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Details and Compatibility

Item Code Promotional Coupon Codes
Type Magento
PHP Versions PHP 7.x, PHP 8.x
Version Support Magento 2.3.x, Magento 2.4.x
Server Requirements PHP 7.0 or higher
Possible Applications/Usage PHP
Publish Date October 04, 2023
Last Updated April 02, 2024

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Unleash the power of promotional coupon codes on your e-commerce website's cart page and unlock a world of benefits! Imagine captivating your customers with irresistible discounts right when making their purchase decisions. 

Showcasing coupon codes prominently on the cart page, you can instill excitement, encouraging customers to proceed with their orders. Keep your cart abandonment woes at bay by reminding shoppers of exclusive discounts. This dynamic feature is a game-changer, increasing conversion rates and driving business success.

But that's not all! ZealousWeb’s extension takes it a step further. It empowers Magento store owners to customize the presentation of coupon codes, ensuring a seamless and visually captivating experience. 

Choose between a sleek list mode or a captivating pop-up view tailored to your store's unique aesthetic.

Increase conversions, reduce cart abandonment, and deliver a delightful customer experience with ZealousWeb’s extension. Customers appreciate the value they receive from exclusive discounts, forging a positive connection with your brand.

Enhance your customer journey and build lasting relationships with our cutting-edge extension. Join the ranks of successful Magento store owners who have harnessed the power of showing available coupon codes in the cart and checkout pages. Let ZealousWeb take your e-commerce game to new heights!


As a Magento store owner, you're constantly seeking the most effective ways to promote the fantastic offers available in your store. While traditional methods like email marketing and showcasing promotions on landing pages are undoubtedly valuable strategies, exploring innovative approaches to maximize your offer's visibility and impact is essential.


With ZealousWeb’s extension, you can display coupon codes on your cart and checkout pages. Choose between a list view or pop-up for a seamless user experience. Customers can apply coupon codes, even without active promotions.

How to manage admin configuration

The ZealousWeb Promotional Coupon Codes extension offers seamless management for admins. 

Turn the extension on or off effortlessly through the module configuration in Admin > Store > Configuration > Zealousweb Extensions > Promotional Coupon Codes. 

Customize the coupon code listing UI to match your preference. Additionally, admins can exclude specific coupon code rules from the list displayed on the cart and checkout pages.

  • Easily Toggle Enable/Disable functionality in the configuration
  • Customize the UI of the coupon listing (Slide OR Pop-up)
  • Selectively exclude specific coupons from the list of coupons

Can I customize the way coupon codes are presented to match my store's design?

Yes, you can! ZealousWeb’s extension offers customization options, allowing you to choose between a sleek list mode or a captivating pop-up view for presenting coupon codes. This ensures that the presentation aligns seamlessly with your store's unique aesthetic, creating an enhanced shopping experience for your customers.

How does showcasing coupon codes on the cart page reduce cart abandonment?

Showcasing coupon codes on the cart page serves as a powerful reminder to customers of exclusive discounts they can avail. This reminder at a crucial stage in the purchase process often encourages customers to complete their orders instead of abandoning their carts. It's a proven strategy to reduce cart abandonment and increase conversions.

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