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The product's pricing is integral for any successful B2B store. So, as an eCommerce store owner, your main goal should be to manage the product pricing effectively. 

  • Enable/Disable extension from the backend. Admin can choose which product they want to display the “Price Negotiate” button.
  • Customers can negotiate the price of a product with/without an account.
  • Customers have the right to define the quantity of their desired product at the price they requested, which would help the admin to make decisions.
  • The admin can manage minimum stock while placing a request from the front end.
  • The admin can manage offers and re-offer the price or quantity of the product.
  • Admin can accept, reject, and re-offer the request. Customers can accept or re-negotiate the offer. Accepted offers can be purchased from their customer account or through their mail.
  • Customers will get one discount coupon code once the offer is accepted. This coupon code can be accessed through the mail or via customer accounts. 
  • The admin can decide the coupon code validity days.
  • The admin can adjust the status of “Price Negotiate” offers. Customers would find New, Accepted, Rejected, Re-offered, or Completed as the default status.
  • The admin can choose the form field they want information from the customers.
  • Store owners can add success messages they wish to display as customers request the negotiated price. Email templates can be managed from the Magento admin panel.
  • The admin is notified via email, while customers offer prices based on the chosen configuration. 
  • Customers can see their offer status and details from their customer account.
  • For accepted offers, customers can "buy now" that product from "my account" or from email as well.
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Details and Compatibility

Type Regular License, Magento
PHP Versions PHP 7.x, PHP 8.x
Version Support Magento 2.3.x, Magento 2.4.x
Server Requirements SSL 1.2, PHP 7.4 or higher
Possible Applications/Usage PHP
Publish Date October 09, 2027
Last Updated April 02, 2024

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The product's pricing is integral for any successful B2B store. So, as an eCommerce store owner, your main goal should be to manage the product pricing effectively. 

It will hugely benefit both your merchants and customers. In some instances, it is crucial to understand the client's requirements and provide them with competitive pricing when negotiating the deal. The main question in this aspect is how will you negotiate with the customer and know their requirements? 

To address this particular issue, ZealousWeb has launched an extraordinary extension called Product Price Negotiation. This particular Magento 2 Price Negotiation extension will let you negotiate with the customers and help them by offering them reasonable pricing. 

Admin can again handle all the negotiation requests, particularly from the admin area, and negotiate from the admin. All those email communications will be managed from the admin area. So, this extension by ZealousWeb helps store owners negotiate the product's pricing with the customers, ultimately leading to more purchases. 

Customers can again negotiate the product pricing straight from the product detail page or product list page. This module provides notification to the customer when their negotiation offer is re-offered, rejected, or accepted through email. The main goal of this Price Negotiation extension is that it tends to offer a good customer experience by utilizing the eCommerce platform. 

So, the Price Negotiation extension can be called an effective technical solution that you can employ for your web store. It influences customers to purchase more products from your store by negotiating its pricing. The admin must enable the extension from the store configuration for using this extension. 

The admin can choose the product that displays a price negotiation button by allowing the extension. Also, the admin can exhibit a "Price Negotiate" button based on the selected scope depending on the created rules or product Specific. The admin can set up rules for displaying the "Price Negotiate" button. 

Also, the admin can choose to provide a "Price Negotiate" button for specific products. Note that it will apply only to simple and easily configurable products. So, install this fantastic Price Negotiation extension and offer a chance to your customer to negotiate.


For any successful B2B store, product pricing is the key factor and as a store owner you must manage pricing effectively which is beneficial to both customers and merchants. Also, sometimes it is important to understand client needs and offer them price while negotiating the deal. But how will you negotiate with the customer and how to know their needs ?


Product price negotiation extension will allow us to negotiate with customers and help them by offering a reasonable price. Admin can handle all the negotiation requests from the admin area and negotiate from the admin too. Those email communication will be done from the admin area and admin can customize.

Give a chance to your customer to negotiate

Enable extension and set conditions for the negotiable products. There are options for how you want to manage the negotiable product. Go to the Store > Configuration > Zealousweb Extension > Product price negotiation. Fill all the required details and save the configuration.

General Settings
Form Seetings

Configure the Negotiation form

This extension will provide an option to the store owner to choose form fields and keep required fields among them. You can also specify the button position and form tile too. Apart from them, the admin can define his own success message from the configuration.

Set the position of Negotiate button

There are two positions defined for the negotiate button. Admin can choose either below the add to cart button or under the product tabs.

Button position
Email setting

Configure the email for negotiate/re-negotiate

Admin can choose email sender, receiver, email templates etc for the customer and admin email notification. Extension provides pre-defined templates for the negotiation but admin can override them and modify them too.

Create multiple rules to allow negotiation

If you do not want to manage negotiation buttons product wise nor want globally. Then you can create your own rules to manage the CTA button. Multiple rules can be applied based on the rule priority.

Rule information
  • Admin will have the ability to enable/disable extension in the admin area.
  • Allows the admin to apply price negotiation options in 2 ways: product-specific or As per rules.
  • Allow you to add a Negotiate list per page in my account section, Coupon code validity days.
  • Also, you can negotiate price depending on stock and can add minimum stock limit
  • Email settings for accept, re-offer and reject email can be set from admin
  • Admin will have the ability to allow for guest users or not.
  • You can also display price negotiation tab in the product page instead of button
  • You can add button text, pop up title and pop up offer title from admin.
  • Admin can also set form fields and the required fields.
  • Also can manage success message from admin
  • Negotiate request mail settings and re-negotiate request mail settings can be managed from admin

Is this extension available for all the product types?

No, it will work only for simple and configurable product types.

Is there any way I can see how the extension works?

Our front and back-end demos are available through which you can see how the extension performs.

How to contact the administrator after placing a request for price negotiation?

You will get an email once you place a request so you can reply back to that email.

Are you looking to add specific functionality for this extension ?

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version 1.0.2

Last Update: August 09, 2022

  • Bug fixes
  • Magento 2.4.4 support

version 1.0.0

Last Update: June 01, 2022

  • Initial Release
  • php 7.4 compatibility
  • Magento 2.4.x support

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